Our Services

Compliance Alliance provides a wide range of AML/CTF compliance solutions to support your business.

Independent Review

Compliance Alliance supports you to meet your AML/CTF Program Independent Review obligations, as well as providing recommendations to improve your AML/CTF Program performance.

AML/CTF Program Development

Compliance Alliance partners with you to co-design an AML/CTF Program with practical AML/CTF systems and controls customised for your business.

ML/TF Risk Assessment

A comprehensive ML/TF Risk Assessment is the foundation of your AML/CTF Program. We collaborate with you to assess your ML/TF Risk taking into account your unique business model.

Acquisition/Divestment Support

Compliance Alliance has experience in Financial Transactions including AML/CTF related Due Diligence, assessing ML/TF Risks, and establishing Transitional Services Arrangements. Whether it is an assignment, conveyance, sale or transfer of business, we support your unique business needs.

Regulatory Engagement

Compliance Alliance will work with you to respond to a query from the Regulator, or to design a Regulatory Engagement Strategy.

General Advice

Regulatory expectations are increasing, while businesses are becoming more complex with a constant need to adapt to change. Compliance Alliance provides a comprehensive service across all areas of AML/CTF.

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